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Ghanaian artist, ​Bryte raps about hometown's pride in 'My Hood'


The artist relocated to the UK enjoys the succes in new single ‘My Hood’

After releasing his debut album ​Too Good For You Liking last year, Bryte has enjoyed a whirlwind year touring around the world (South Korea, Sweden, Turkey and many more), he celebrates his recent success in “My Hood”​. The rapper mentions the pride he feels when walking through his hometown of Abeka in Accra. 

Produced by ​Tarquin, the beat has a raw UK flavour which fits effortlessly around Bryte’s pidgin rap. In the chorus, Bryte declares out loud ​“We used to walk barefoot and today we rockin new shoes”. ​It also conveys his determination to follow his quest for future success ​“I go buy mum a Benz, buy brother Audi”.​

Find to “My Hood” on Bandcamp.

Bryte my hood