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Afro‑punk band Bantou Mentale announces debut self‑titled album

Thundering Kinshasa meets Paris soundworld.

Bantou Mentale is bringing a new punk rock, African style, to the table but without the aggression because, according to drummer Cubain Kabeya, the Congo is “a country with a lot of spiritual tenderness”. They’re inventing a new global sound with their futuristic dancefloor tracks, neither traditional, nor slave to the all-encompassing tropes of Congolese rumba, nor slick and arty and self-consciously stylish.

After released No Romance EP back in June, the Bantou Mentale are ready to reach the fulfillment of the group’s long-held dream, to offer an album with the weight and sensory attack of knife edged rock and hot wired electronics.

Bantou Mentale’s first and self-titled album releases on October 25th, Glitterbeat Records. Pre-order it now.