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Bantou Mentale shares visuals for 'Mama Ho!'

A highly energetic and psychedelic music video, as a preview for their forthcoming EP on  Glitterbeat RecordsNo Romance.

Bantou Mentale comes from the meeting of Kinshasa’s energy and Paris’ cavernous electronic sounds. Electronic sounds, distorted signals and broken beats make up for their futuristic dancefloor sound.

The band is formed by composer Cubain Kabeya, guitar player Chicco Katembo, singer Apocalypse, all noteworthy actors of the Parisian-Congolese scene, having worked with Staff Benda BililiKoffi Olomide and Damon Albarn among others. Producer Liam Farrel, whose impressive score sheet includes Assassin, Tony Allen and les Amazones d’Afrique also is part of the gang.

“Bantou Mentale comprises all the experience I’ve accumulated. It’s not so much a new Kinshasa sound, as a new global sound.” explains Cubain, who is the global concept designer of the project.

The band just unveiled the music video for “Mama Ho!”, where neon dancers and post-apocalyptic landscapes resonate with the raw electronic beats of the instrumental.

Stream Bantou Mentale in our Noir Wave playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

No Romance, out on June 7th on Glitterbeat. Order the EP here.

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