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Download a rare tape from Roha Band a.k.a. the Ethiopian Beatles

Awesome Tapes From Africa has uploaded a tape from one of the best Ethiopian band of the 80’s : Roha Band.

The label run by Brian Shimkovitz can be very generous. On the website, you can download a lot of african rare gems for free, including this fantastic Roha Band tape.

As usual, you can find some words from Brian about it :

Instrumental titans, backing band to so many stars of Ethiopian popular music, Roha Band made this seminal tape in the early 1980s I think. Even if you’ve heard tons of Ethiopian music from the “golden age” and beyond, check this out. Very surprising expansion on the well-deserved impression that music-making in Addis has been powerful and brilliant over the years (and still is).

Over the decades, Roha Band has backed every great Ethiopian singer you can think of, more or less.