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[Clip] Noura Mint Seymali take you to the mauritanian desert

The mauritanian singer unveil a wonderful first video for her next album on Glitterbeat, Arbina. (Via NPR)

Directed by Loïc Hoquet, the video of “Na Sane” came from a improvise road trip in a old Mercedes across severe and unforgiving landscape of Mauritania, native land of Noura Mint Seymali.

The scenes from the road are intercut with glimpses of a party — and everyone in the video is a relative or friend of Seymali and Chighaly. As Tinari (producer-drummer) wrote, “Essentially, we just threw an impromptu family barbecue. One of the dancers is Noura’s brother Baba; some of the younger boys are nephews of Jeiche. The girl dancer is a friend from the neighborhood. It was a family affair!”

Arbina comes out Sept. 16.
See you the 15th of september on Pan African Music for an album review by our journalist Vald.

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