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Rest In Peace Ali


Cassius Marcellus Clay also known as Mohamed Ali passed out last night, aged 74.
His talent, the way he expressed himself and his gift of the gad will remain.  And especially his activism : for civil rights, Black cause in the world, against the Vietnam War  (“No vietcong ever called me a nigger” he said), his happiness to “find again” Africa for boxing competition  facing the world champion on october, 30th 1974 … For all these reasons, this man was complete, straight and a model.

And then, music of course : Ali used to dance on the ring, and was disturbing his opponents. An again, music was playing for the famous fight in Kinshasa. An exceptionnal music festival was supposed to open the fight.  Foreman was hurt, le so the fight was delayed but concerts did happen. The best of soul and american rythm’n blues artists were there : James Brown, BB King, The Spinners, The Crusaders, les saleseros de la Fania All Stars with Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz, Myriam Makeba, Manu Di Bango, and of course Franco & l’OK Jazz and Tabu Ley……

Music, sport, politics, everything was happenning and Ali was the star of these weeks in Zaire because he knew how to punching, talking, and dancing !  Trio Madjesi celebrated Ali’s victory with the song : Huitième round.

Because at this moment, the King of the ring chose to knock the giant Foreman out.

Rest in peace Ali.