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Spoek Mathambo, a new Afro‑Punk EP !

Spoek Mathambo – South African MC/producer/dj/songwriter and videomaker is releasing its new project “The Mzansi Beat Code”, a trilogy starting today with the EP Badimo !

After his albums Mshini Wam (BBE), Father Creeper (Sub Pop) and several side-projects (Read our news about Batuk) Spoek is releasing “Badimo – EP” on Prøspect Records.

Between South African house music and afro-punk, Spoek is talking about south african electronic music as the “Apartheid Afterparty”.

After the documentary « Future Sound of Mzansi » (Mzansi means South Africa in slang), Mathambo is back with a new musical project powerful, funky and elegant !

Spoek Mathambo BADIMO pan african music

Badimo – EP

Release date : june 17th 2016 (Prospect)

Stream / Download the album :

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