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The 10 Best Music Videos of 2016

Here are our ten favourite music videos of 2016!

Batuk – Call Me Naughty (feat. Nandi Ndlovu)

Batuk is a creative collective founded by South African electronic music producers Aero Manyelo and Spoek Mathambo; along with the prolific artist and vocalist Manteiga. Call Me Naughty is from Batuk’s debut album Musica da Terra, coming out on May 27th on Teka Records.

Tinariwen – Ténéré Tàqqàl

“Ténéré” means “no man’s land” for the tuareg people. The french diretor Alex Digoix made this video around this concept of blank space : “the video reflects contrast between the desert hostility and the love of his resident”

Alsarah & The Nubatones – Ya Watan

The video directed by Maryam Parwana shows us how the human colors are fading on the black and white naturals elements.

Noura Mint Seymali – Na Sane

Directed by Loïc Hoquet, the video of “Na Sane” came from a improvise road trip in a old Mercedes across severe and unforgiving landscape of Mauritania, native land of Noura Mint Seymali.

Santi – Gangsta Fear (feat. Odunsi)

Santi is the new nigerian rookie of rap and dance hall. This video is about the hidden face of Lagos, the biggest city of Nigeria.

Sinkane – U’Huh

Where are we? United States? Ethiopia? or Sudan long time ago? It is hard to say when you take a look at clothes, hairstyles and fashion accessories of this stylish party.

Booba – DKR

The french rapper shot with his associate Chris Macari his last video in tribute to Dakar, the city of his roots.

Branko & Mayra Andrade – Reserva Pra Dois

The video for “Reserva Pra Dois” was recently filmed inside a warehouse located in the post-industrial Marvila neighbourhood in Lisbon, where Branko and Mayra Andrade face each other, the latter on the microphone, the former on the machines.

Joey Le Soldat – TRAVELL

The burkinabé rapper blends futuristic beats and traditional sounds in this powerful video.

Abou Diarra – Djarabi

Directed by Maet Charles, a man and a woman are dancing for the track Djarabi, that means “My Love” in the Bambara language.