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Ras G release Alza Sounds Vol 1, a delicious tape of vintage ethiopian beats

Ras G, the LA-based producer and Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus’ label) affiliate release a delicious tape that fusion the  vintage sounds of Ethiopia with his signature “SpaceBase” sound.


The mixtape, released on September 6 in a limited edition cassette, highlight the traditions of Ethiopia music and Ethio-jazz into both booming beat works and lo-fi electronic textures.

Alza Sounds Volume 1 is being released in partnership with Azla Vegan, a family owned Ethiopian restaurant in South Central Los Angeles, the first of its kind in the area.

Ras G and Nesanet tells okayafrica that they “cooked up the idea for the beat tape over a plate of injera and Shiro Wot.”

oh ras. it’s good.

Listen/order Azla Sounds Volume 1 on Bandcamp.