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Ami Yerewolo claims her power in new video

After becoming the guardian of traditions, the Malian rapper disregards slander and safeguards against misinformation. “Je gère” is the first single from her album, to be released at the beginning of next year.

Manabou, the main character and the guardian of traditions, criss-crosses the region, making sure that messages and information, wherever they come from, are spread in their exactness, without any distortion along the way. Ami Yerewolo uses her striking flow to denounce slander, distorted words and fake news. This first cut from her album (on the Othantiq AA label, founded by Cameroonian artist Blick Bassy) is enough to make the patriarchy tremble with fear. The feminist rapper and activist blends her own style with hip-hop and trap sounds, provingonce again that the future of African hip-hop is female.

In this new video, Ami once again deals with the gossip that breaks up friendships, family and relationships. “Misinterpretation, gossip and the distortion of out of context statements can sometimes lead to irreversible conflicts,” she adds. This is no easy task for a woman from a conservative family, one who wasn’t blessed to come from a line of griots. To achieve her career and become one of the first Malian rappers, she had to create her own status, to spare herself the “rotten men of the Malian music industry” who rarely programmed her in balani shows. Independent and ambitious, the slinger fights sexism on the ground and has spoken her mind from the beginning.

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