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African rap: 6 months and 20 music videos

25 artists from all over the continent, 19 countries represented. From trap music to all the diverse and exciting rap scene. Egotrip, commitment, feelings but above all, a lot of creativity. We picked out some of our favourite music videos from the first half of 2020.

Princes of the city

Nasty C – There They Go | South Africa

At the age of 23, the Durban rapper is now internationally renowned. To celebrate the signing of a contract with the mythical American label Def Jam, he released “There They Go”, a pure trap sound produced by the Floridian beatmaker Cxdy.

Jovi  – Mentality | Cameroon 

In his lyrics, Jovi mixes English, pidgin english, French and douala. He is one of the most important Cameroonian rappers of the last few years and his discography includes four studio albums, including God Don Kam released in 2019. His latest single “Mentality” is a hard-hitting freestyle from start to finish.

Iba One – Ante Fakai | Mali 

Alongside Sidiki Diabaté, the legendary producer and kora player, Malian rapper Iba One has been making a string of hits for ten years thanks to his innovative Mandinka rap. In the music video for the song “Ante Fakai”, he travels around his hometown, Kayes, in western Mali.


Sarkodie & M.anifest – Brown Paper Bag  | Ghana 

In protest against police violence towards african-american in the USA, Sarkodie and M.anifest, the two leaders and ex-rivals of Ghanaian rap, joined forces in a political satire that denounces slavery, systematic racism, corruption and neo-colonialism.

Elom 20ce – Amewuga | Togo  

We are never disappointed with the visuals of the Togolese rapper and activist Elom 20ce. “Amewuga” is the eponymous track from his fourth album, released last January. The video he directed himself tells the story of man’s devastating effects on ecology.

Muthoni Drummer Queen – Power | Kenya

Kenyan rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen is back with “Power”. In the music video, she pays a vibrant tribute to African and Kenyan women on a cultural, historical and biblical basis. It begins in a historical place in Nairobi.  

Pedal to the metal

Rosa Ree & Rayvanny – Sukuma Ndinga | Tanzanie

In Tanzania, local hip hop is known as bongo flava and its queen is none other than Rosa Ree. In 2019, she was banned from playing music because of a music video, with Kenyan Timmy Tdat, which was considered “pornographic” by the censors. Her sentence has now been lifted and her comeback has been marked by several singles including this one with Rayvanny, one of Dar Es Salaam’s most popular singers.

Darassa & Sho Madjozi – I Like It | Tanzania, South Africa

We stay in the world of the bongo flava with the collaboration of the Tanzanian rapper Darassa and the South African singer and rapper Sho Madjozi. Darassa made a name for himself, throughout East Africa in 2016, with the hit “Muziki”, a duet with his compatriot Ben Pol.

Andy S – Gbakatti | Ivory Coast

Last November, the Ivorian rapper Andy S released a 5-track EP entitled Le Rap N’a Pas De Sex. The title of the song “Gbakatti” is a contraction of the term “gbaka” which refers to the collective, easily accessible and inexpensive vehicles found in Abidjan and the luxury car brand Bugatti.


ElGrandeToto – Mikasa | Morocco 

For the past two years, ElGrandeToto, the most streamed Moroccan rapper, has been playing a series of hit singles. At the beginning of March, the Casablanca trapper unveiled his first single “Mikasa”, a two-part track with a first incisive verse and then a more calm, Travis Scott style verse.

Falz & Ms Banks – Bop Daddy | – Nigeria, United-Kingdom

Falz, one of the pillars of Nigerian rap is, as you may recall, the man who recreated “This Is America”, the highly viewed music video of Childish Gambino. He released the video “Bop Daddy” featuring rapper Ms Banks, the new British Rap sensation.

North Africa United

Didine Canon 16 & A.L.A – BLack Night | Algeria & Tunisia

Not only Moroccan know how to do trap in North Africa. In Algeria and Tunisia, there are also very talented rappers. For this high-level meeting on the single “BLack Night”, we’ve got the Algerian Didine Canon 16 and the Tunisian A.L.A. More than a duel, it’s a brilliant duo even if one of the themes of the video is boxing.   

Wegz & Savage Plug – Asyad El Balad | Egypt and Algeria

Another Pan-African collaboration was the single “Asyad El Balad” by the Algerian Savage Plug and the Egyptian Wegz. The Algerian launches the show with his hoarse voice and sharp flow. He is one of the rappers to follow in Algeria at the moment.


Paulelson – Wave | Angola

Paulelson was Angola’s rap revelation of the year in 2019 thanks to his mixtape “Novo Messi”. On the eponymous track, he was already drilling, that kind of Chicago trap reshaped by the British and then picked up by the USA and the whole world, before all the rappers of the world started to get into it after the late Pop Smoke.

One Lyrical – Sale Temps | Senegal

The same desire to move forward can be found in the latest music video from Senegalese rapper One Lyrical. The musician, who comes from Pikine, distinguished himself during the confinement period with a cover of Wizkid’s “Joro” to make people aware of the necessary precautions. “Sale Temps” was taken from his album Potentiel and produced entirely by beatmaker Ozmo Beats.

Easy riders

Joey le Soldat – M’Yaamdab | Burkina Faso

Joey le Soldat is an MC with a strong interest in political subjects, which he does not hesitate to express in his texts. A few months ago, he signed his return to the forefront of the scene with a new EP entitled “Faaso”, with an ever-politicised universe.

Tkay Maidza – Shook | Zimbabwe, Australia

Australian-Zimbabwean rapper Tkay Maidza has established herself on the international scene since 2015. This autumn she will accompany the American Princess Nokia on her European tour.  Her first single of the year, “Shook” and her first release on the mythical English label 4AD, is a reminder of Missy Elliott.

Nix Ozay & Smith Wiz – Kindoki | Congo Republic

Nix Ozay and Smith Wiz are two Congolese rappers and beatmakers who combine Lingala, French and English. Sometimes known as NS Brothers, the duo mix American trap and Congolese rumba.