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PAM Club: professor Kensaye’s global bass

For this instalment, the PAM Club welcomes a French-British artist with Haitian roots for an electronic set infused with Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

Born in Paris and based in London, Kensaye is a DJ and percussionist who draws inspiration from his Haitian origins. Active on the global bass scene,he delivers Afro-electronic sets on turntables all around the world. With a real passion for cutting and remixing, he also hosts online radio shows – Global Tribe Radio Show and Solace Radio – and shares newlyreleased bangers with influential guests from the scene. Beyond DJing and production, the artist has tried his hand at scoring documentaries, feature films and series, including work for the Netflix film Echo Park and more recently, Aleem Khan’s After Love.

Aside from blending Afro-Caribbean rhythms with hip-hop or electronic music, Kensaye also develops his approach through education via workshops in London within schools, detention centers and refugee centers. With young people he uses music as a tool for self-expression and in playful and therapeutic workshops that are open to all he explores complex issues of identity and social pressure. With unique and spontaneous collective musical pieces emerging from these sessions, participants feel a boost in their confidence and self-esteem in creating without restraint.

“In this mix, I navigate this diverse genre we call ‘global bass’, exploring different horizons, moods and energies. I take the listener on a journey through Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. Here is a mix of ancient rhythms and contemporary electronic sounds that is full of surprises and some of my own tracks scattered here and there…”

Pan African Music · PAM Club : Kensaye


1. Bigote – Amame o Matame
2. Kinsley & King Prod – Fatality
3. King Prod (MRB FAMILY) – PUTA (Wolves Riddim)
4. Kensaye – £
5. MAR VINX (REMII’LJ) – Snoop dogdrop it
6. Sand Pact – Airdrop Tool
7. Kensaye – Like this (ft. Dj Camron)
8. Borae – Madje
9. Ms Mavy & Kensaye – Back Home
10. Kensaye – What’s left of it
10. Kensaye X Fela Kuti – Fight Them
11. Digital Afrika – Mozambique
12. SK Simeon & Au Contraire – Kigunda (Radio Mix)
13. Give it to me (Korex Afro edit)
14. Kensaye – Pick it up
15. Caribombo, Zongo Abongo, Chichi Banana – Running Away
16. Planeta Polar – SOS el Planeta
17. Lua Preta – Baile Lotus
18. MOB x Kensaye – Goons
19. Nguzunguzu – Times Up (Khole Tribal PVT)
20. Soulely – Gasolina (baile edit)
21. Foreignerrrrr – Mas Movement
22. MVTMVT – Essa Mina

Learn more about Kensaye on his website, on Bandcamp and on Instagram.