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Wayne Snow performs from Figurine on the Colors Show

The Nigerian singer gives a taste of his new album in an eponymous track at the Berlin studios. 

Nigerian-born singer and songwriter Wayne Snow has appeared in a number of high-profile collaborations with key artists in the Roche Musique family, most notably FKJ and Darius. His new album Figurine, entirely produced by Crayon, will be released on September 24. Over the course of 10 tracks, the Berlin-based artist will blend neo soul with soultronica and pop inflections in an exploration of the masks we all wear, largely supported by the forced social isolation of the past year. Figurine is a complete work, floating in a universe where the aerial and the earthly rub shoulders in a singular soundscape. This Colors performance provides a taste of what is to come, as do visuals for the singles “Seventy,” “Nina” and “The Thrill.” These videos pay tribute to Afro-futurism and to the vitality and beauty of the African landscape.

The result of three years of work, Figurine is a personal and profound work that addresses humanity’s obsession with representations, masks and fictional characters.

Figurine by Wayne Snow, out on September 24 via Roche Musique. 

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