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Gérald Toto to release new EP on No Format, À L’Automne

Gerald Toto

One year after the calming listening experience of his latest album, Sway, Gérald Toto is back with new EP, À L’Automne.

French-born Antillean composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Gérald Toto’s new EP is a prolongation of Sway; his 2018’s album on which he invented his own ‘heart language’ to provide a resonant multidimensional musical experience. On his brand new 4-track EP, À L’Automne, Gérald Toto follows the same vein of Sway and transports the listener to a calmer place. “Walk Into The Light”, the second extract from the EP confirms this feeling.

As its name impies, À L’Automne is an ode to autumn drawing from soft guitar to bass and ubu percussions. The voice predominates here, capable of all the subtle nuances, as he sings in Creole, English and in his inner heart invented language. With the help of his friend and cellist Clément Petit, he smoothly reinvent himself.

À L’Automne, out on October 25th via No Format. Discover the album art and the tracklist below.

Gerald Toto EP


Tracklist :

01. ‘Before You Turn’
02. ‘La Tè A Nou’
03. ‘Walk Into The Light’
04. ‘You Got My Soul’