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Pharoah Sanders' tribute album to John Coltrane reedited

The sonic tribute to John Coltrane from astral jazz pioneer Pharoah Sanders is re-issued on the 27th of March via Tidal Waves Music.

The album was created as a tribute to John Coltrane’s 1961 album Ballads, and features Sanders on saxophone alongside Stafford James on bass, Roy Ayers-collaborator William Henderson on piano, and Eccleston W. Wainwright on drums. Welcome to Love is an ideal introduction to Sanders and a stepping-stone to the saxophonist’s more inventive, avant-garde and spiritual pieces.

On this (harder to find) album, the master saxophonist plays straight-up jazz, and the result is a gorgeous collection of ballads where you can really feel Sanders’ enormous self-reflection and homesickness. On Welcome to Love, Sanders treats the songs with reverent lyricism on both tenor and soprano… each song is infused with a subtle emotional quality that simply does not let go. Hailed as Sanders’ finest albums from his rethinking period, in many ways, the album is a tribute to Coltrane’s Ballads album of 1961 but with Pharoah’s print marked all over it.

Welcome to Love follows Transversales Disques’ release of Sanders’ 1975 Paris concert, Live In Paris.

Welcome to Love, out on March 27th via Tidal Waves Music. Discover the album artwork below.

Pharoah Sanders - Welcome To Love