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Sounds of Peace : the joy and jazz of Moreira Chonguiça

Mozambique star saxophonist Moreira Chonguiça sends an important message of unity on his upcoming eighth studio album Sounds of Peace, out November 4th. 

Lead by the “Hosi / King” single, Sounds of Peace is a collection of 13 inspiring, uptempo jazz numbers on happiness and communion. For this eighth studio album, Moreira Chonguiça pulled from Mozambique’s rich and diverse cultures and sounds. His saxophone dominates throughout the album but synchs with frenetic djembe rhythms, high mbira notes, and electric keyboard accents. Each title sings of joy, appeasement, and introspection in many local tribes’ languages, including Makhuwa, Makonde, and Changana.

Starting in 2006 with the critically acclaimed debut album The Moreira Project V.1 – The Journey, Moreira Chonguiça conquered the world of jazz with modern, energetic, and joyful melodies. The saxophonist managed to seamlessly blend modernity and his influences – namely Miles Davis, Fela Kuti, and Percy Sledge, to create his signature afro-fusion jazz sound. Through his solo work and prestigious collaborations with international legends such as the Lion of Africa Manu Dibango (resulting in the joint album M&M in 2017), Chonguiça cemented his status as an international jazz reference. 

With Sounds of Peace, Chonguiça is now mentoring the new generation of jazz music. This album was entirely recorded in Mozambique, with the young musicians of the Morejazz Big Band, founded by Chonguiça in 2014. “This was an extraordinary and emotional recording for me as some of the musicians had never been involved with a recording of this nature before” says Chonguiça. Sounds of Peace is a powerful call to peace and harmony between cultures, and between generations. 

Sounds of Peace will be available on November 4th.