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Equiknoxx gives a Dancehall treatment to Dirty Projectors and Dawn Richard's single

Equiknoxx’s Gavsborg remixed “Cool Your Heart”, the collaboration between american pop band Dirty Projectors and RnB singer D∆WN.

The electro sounding single released at the beginning of the year was quite a succes. Few months later, Dirty Projectors releases a new remix EP featuring Gavsborg‘s one.

Jamaican Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair is a member of Equiknoxx, one the most innovating modern dancehall bands. Their sound is futuristic, both violent and melodic, and can easily remember UK Grime or Dubstep. But this time, Gavsborg chose to be calm with a laidback beat and sweet synthetic bass lines. Perfect to get more out of your holidays.

Listen to “Cool Your Heart” (feat. Dawn Richard & Gavsborg) [Equiknoxx Remix] :