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Eli & Alex Wondergem are buying their freedom

Buying our Freedom, the collaboration of ELi & Alex Wondergem is out now.

The EP composed in Ghana by ELi and Alex Wondergem touches different subjects of Ghana self-love, cannabis, not giving a fuck (Track ‘Je m’en Bats les Couilles’) and what it means to be a ‘hueman’ (Track ‘Hueman’). Here are ELi & Alex’ words about the project :

“Buying Our Freedom is a project about seeking truth. It’s a reflection of our awareness within the paradigm we collectively inhabit as human. The project depicts the narrative of alternative African artist and highlights the importance of collaboration. Beyond music, it is also a visual project showcasing the motherland in a way never seen before.”

The duo made a beautiful music video with Will Niava, a filmmaker from Montreal :

Alex Wondergem is an experimental multimedia artist, who draws influence from his multicultural upbringing in the United States, Zimbabwe, Chad, Ivory Coast, and today Ghana and Canada. Alex also runs the Clove Clothing line, which infuses Ghanaian culture and aesthetics into western apparel.

ELi is a singer and songwriter born and bred in Accra, Ghana. Already a well respected voice within Ghana’s alternative scene, ELi draws his musical influences from Fela Kuti, Nina Simone and Benjamin Clementine, and sees his music career as one of singing, service and sacrifice.