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20 unmissable music videos this month

Whether declarations of love or mournful tributes, calls for celebration or sharp social critique, these are PAM’s unmissable videos for March.

Innoss’B – MEME

The Congolese artist is back with a danceable new video. The young singer employs vibrant choreography over Congolese rumba, R&B and afrobeat, with lyrics in Lingala and French. Adopting the behaviour of his spirit animal, the tiger,  we see him killing an eagle, using a slingshot, and embodying strength through action. A clear message for his detractors.

Zlatan Lagos Anthem Remix

Along with Frescool, Kabex, Oberz, Oladips and Trod, the young Nigerian shares positive vibes, happy with success and the power that money brings. He extols the virtues of ignoring gossip and invites his artist cohort  to enjoy life with good humor.

Awori & TwaniRanavalona 

In this video, the beauty of African women is honored, in all its diversity, regardless of color, age or spiritual and/or religious beliefs. Celebrating the power of the last queen of Madagascar Ranavalona III, Awori illustrates the power of pan-Africanism through a message of peace. The artist states: “Algeria, Cameroon, Madagascar, Morocco, Uganda … are just a few of the countries represented in this prairie scene, a “polythic” community looking towards larger horizons, imagining worlds where we are all able to thrive. #Panafricanism”

Koffi Olomidé Excellence

This video takes a different tack, paying tribute to Hamed Bakayoko, who became Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast a few months before his sudden death from cancer. Koffi Olomidé, the famous Congolese singer, speaks of his feat of never recovering from this death, as illustrated by the tears of many people shown in the video mopping their eyes and mourning the “Golden Boy.”

Burna Boy – 23 

In this video, the Nigerian giant insists on self-confidence, despite the occasional lack of support from the entourage. He states: “We do not trust anyone.” We also see a young woman in a wheelchair, who has not abandoned her passion for basketball. A message of hope for all those who doubt they’ll achieve their dreams.

Suspect 95C’est dans télé 

An emblematic figure of vory rap, Suspect 95 releases a video centered around the dream of “prince charming.” The video starts very romantically, with a couple deeply in love: “At the bottom of the ocean, I’ll go look for your reflection, I’ll even stop time, so that you’re near me all the time.” Suspect 95, however, quickly takes us back to earth, whispering in the ear of a woman: “Boy to get married, I’m ready, but you want rich, handsome and then romantic but yeah like that is on TV.” He also denounces exorbitantly-priced marriages. A lot of humor plays out before society’s unrealistic expectations.

Bella ShmurdaRush 

The young Nigerian implors us not to get depressed, and to make sure we always have fun: “Why do you feel depressed? Life is short.” His advice:  to smoke, travel and, in short, start to see the beauty of the world, between musical pleasure and female beauty.

Enny – Same Old 

Enny returns triumphantly with her new single entitled “Same Old.” She takes us on a journey through her native South London. We follow her for a day confronting disappointments, gentrification, street harassment and heartbreak. The artist defines the purpose of her track, as the day draws to a close, as an ode to small victories in the face of every difficulties: “There are so many beautiful moments and strong feelings attached to this track since the first hours of work on it, I hope that those who take the time to listen to it can feel the energy I wanted to put in it.

YoussouphaKash (ft. Dinos & Lefa)

Youssoupha, Dinos and Lefa talk about some of the negative consequences of success in this new video. The festive atmosphere contrasts strongly with the lyrics, especially during party scenes. Youssoupha states: “Sometimes, it’s all the people I love that slow me down, sometimes, it’s all the people I love that scare me.” He adds: “At each victory, it’s the same people who comment, I hope we all go to heaven.” Lefa also declares: “They will say that we are together, they would bury my head in the sand if I was on the ground.” As for Dinos, he states: “I trusted the traitors because I was crazy, today I have more enemies than friends because I have money.”

Lil Kesh x Fireboy DML – Love like this

In this clip, Lil Kesh and Fireboy made a declaration of love to their respective partners. They wonder how lucky they are to have “a love like this,” despite their many mistakes. We see a very loving woman, always there to soothe her man in an almost maternal way. Lil Kesh and Fireboy DML fully assume their vulnerability.

JAE5 Dimension (feat. Skepta, Rema)

This British-Nigerian trio releases a video of great visual and artistic diversity. These artists evoke many subjects in the track, such as their relationship with women, police violence or respect for the elders. As such, several images follow one another, ones of female beauty, the wisdom of the elderly or the joyful social moments to be had at parties.

M.anifestNo Fear ( feat. Vic Mensa & Moliy)

This video gives the three featured artists a chance to look back on their success, claiming a feeling of invincibility. The visuals are paradoxically both peaceful and combative. We feel the calmness of M.anifest, alone on a beach, while observing dances reminiscent of a physical fight. The trio seems unstoppable in its triumph. As Vic Mensa says: “Why should I be afraid? Ten years, I’m still on top.

Sauti Sol My Everything (feat. India.Arie)

In this video, the Kenyan band and the American singer offer an appealing vision of love! We follow true soul mates, smiling, fulfilled by the magic of their relationship, in a paradisiacal landscape. Sauti Sol sings: “Every woman deserves to feel like a star.” To which India Arie replies: “Every man deserves to feel like a king.

Montparnasse Musique – Panter 

Embark on a journey through the neighborhoods of Kinshasa, whose streets, for lack of alternatives, make for a gigantic playground for kids who live there and play around by inventing their own scripts, soundtracks and superheroes. It is at their level, running on the sand or jumping on trampolines, tinkering with their instruments like their elders from KOKOKO! or Fulu Muziki, that this video, directed by Renaud Barret (Staff Benda Bilili, Système K), operates. It fits perfectly with “Panter,” the first track of an EP signed by the duo Montparnasse Musique, which brings together the French-Algerian producer Nadjib Ben Bella and the South African DJ Aero Manyelo.

Samba TouréSambalama

Despite the military conflicts in northern Mali, which he evoked in his 2013 album Albala, Samba Touré returns to his native land to share what he defines as “pure Songhai music,” heavily tinged with blues. In the minimalist video for “Sambalama,” we watch as musicians are mesmerized by the sounds of their instruments, paying homage to the Songhai people who ruled one of Africa’s greatest empires during the golden age of Timbuktu, at the time seen as an indispensable worldwide center of culture and knowledge.

KonshensCan’t Stay Sober

The DJ plunges us into an infinite sadness. He finds himself alone drinking and smoking, saying: “Ghetto people are under pressure you can’t handle. Ghetto kids are dealing with pressure they can’t handle.” His solution is to take drugs and forget, as illustrated by the many images of temporary joy at parties: “Marijuana is my visa to the ghetto but I feel like I’m in Ibiza. The worst part is when I see what’s in the media, I have to go. I can’t stay sober.

pH Raw X – CAUGHTUP (feat. Riky Rick)

The two artists sing about prison, urging everyone listening to stay vigilant. This black and white video reflects the specific suffering of the inmates while the upbeat music contrasts with the gravity of the message delivered by the MCs.

Lavaud x Reekado BanksOh my

The British-Mauritanian singer and the Nigerian artist unite in a video about sensual love. In a paradisiacal climate, we see two lovers madly falling for each other. The objective of this track is to advocate generosity in love, thinking first of what would please the other.

Miss LaFamilia x Poundz x Ivorian Doll x Dbo x OfficaDumb Flex Remix 

Several artists gather in this sensual and flashy video. Indeed, it concerns the question of exposing wealth by multiple mentions of big brands, such as Chanel, Dior or Versace. But also beauty, with Ivorian Doll saying: “Pretty bitch but get ratched.” It marks an ode to nightlife and its excesses, including drugs, and the pursuit of strong sensations.

Gyakie & Omah LayForever (Remix)

The Ghanaian singer and the Nigerian artist sing of unconditional love for the lucky one in this video. Gyakie is sensual, insisting on the need to be present for her partner, no matter what happens. It marks an ode to the idyllic passion, so sought after by many lovers in the soul.