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Soul Jazz Records explore Nigerian music in the 60's : from Calypso, Highlife, Apala, Mambo & Juju !

The UK label Soul Jazz Records explore Nigeria Freedom Sounds – A stunning collection of Nigerian musics from early  60’s !

On octobre 1st, 1960, Nigeria became independant after British colonization. At that time, Nigerian music was diverse and forward-thinking, with musicians as excited in exploring their country’s own musical lineage with styles such as Juju and Apala as they were in adapting and absorbing outside influences such as Ghanaian Highlife, Caribbean Calypsos and Mambo and more.

This album features many of the defining artists of this time who helped shape the Nigerian musical scene. Artists include I.K. Dairo and his Blue Spots, Haruna Ishola and his Group, E.C. Arinze, Sammy Akpabot and His All Stars, Godwin Omobuwa and his Soundmakers, Ganiyu Kale and His Guinea Mambo Orchestra and many more.

Few nations on earth are as diverse as Nigeria, and the wide assortment of Nigerian music styles collected on this album reflect the country’s rich variety of cultures. Western-influenced dance music, played on European instruments such as guitar, brass, and woodwind sits alongside traditional musical styles, made with indigenous instruments such as the talking drum, marimba, or obo. And there is also religious musical styles first brought to Nigeria by European Christians and Islamic traders from North Africa. And of course, there are points where these musical styles overlap, merging into one another to create unique new sounds.


Listen to the 23 tracks and explore the different faces of Nigerian music of the 60’s, from Calypso, Highlife, Apala, Mambo & Juju !

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The album-package includes a 48-pages book with public records and pictures contenant from the 60’s. Available in physical en physique HERE

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