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PAM Meets Kabeaushé: Being anything

PAM Meets Kenyan experimental-pop artists Kabeaushé at the IOMMa festival in the Reunion Islands. An artist that can be anything with an energy for everyone. The Shé came to play!  

Kabeaushé could be anything” says the Nairboi experimental pop artist under the shade of a palm tree on the Reunion Islands. “Kabeaushé could be a unicorn, Kabeaushé could be a rainbow, Kabeaushé could be an owl, Kabeaushé could be a vampire!” he continues describing the opening to his critically acclaimed debut performance at the IOMMa festival. An endearing figure full of smiles and good grace, Kabeaushé is one of Nyege Nyege’s latest additions to the roster. Although this artist is paving his own way in a collective known for aggressive club music, diverting to a sound that is more open and inviting though just as experimental and curious. Kabeaushé is also a talented visual artist which adds to his multifaceted identity with a digital-Basquiat flavor like that of the piece below.

If the performance doesn’t win you over, Kabeaushé’s post-stage video call with his mom will. It’s a moment of pure joy, Kabeaushé covered in sweat and accompanied by one of Nyege Nyege’s founders Derek Debru, as they assure her that her son absolutely killed it. Kabeaushé promises to bring home the Grammy for the collective and say, “we did it. Now we can go home and fucking chill”. 

The Shé came to play,” he says, using a derivative nickname. “I don’t care if you’re the CEO of Coca-Cola, when the Shé is in town you better play!” Seeing Kabeaushé run through the crowd during his performance and look glowingly into the camera, we’re inclined to believe him. Kabeaushé will be taking the stage in Paris this July 16th at the first edition of Nyege Nyege Festival Paris to continue to slowly unveil his still unreleased catalog. 
There is music on the way, but for a project that has a Grammy in their sights, there’s no rush. There will be much more to see and hear from this young artist with electric energy. You can get a taste of one of Kabeaushé’s available tracks that came out on Nyege Nyege’s Music for the Eagles tape (which he designed the cover for) called “Andnowawordfromoursponsors”. It’s channeling the alternative vibes of a Yves Tumor or a Tyler, the Creator and promises an expansive universe full of wit and creative courage.