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Polyswitch goes intergalactic with debut album Praise The Sun

After a run of singles and EPs, Morocco’s Polyswitch graduates into full-length 13-track format. With Praise The Sun – his debut album – he takes his signature synth-based sound deeper into the universe and indeed closer to the sun.

Polyswitch is – just like the rest of us – a product of his environment. Born in Casablanca, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, he grew up in a musical universe as rich and diverse as his country’s history. This meant listening to a blend of chaabi, Berber music, gnawa, malhun, rai, Sufi music, expanding more recently into the intersections of jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. “As a listener, I’ve always juggled numerous musical currents, from my home country and overseas. Studying both musical palettes definitely shaped my ears. As an artist, I don’t want my sound to result in a single genre, that’s why I approach the process as if it was a painting made out of my favorite colors”. 

Stepping into the game more than a decade ago, Polyswitch wasted no time establishing himself as an influential figure on the Moroccan electronic music scene. With Praise The Sun, he takes his audience into a spiritual intergalactic journey, diving one dimension deeper into a sonic universe composed of funky synths and electronic grooves. Praise The Sun is a soul-lifter, both aerial and harmonically rich, which takes you into a carefully orchestrated succession of moods. It kind of feels like an orbit from planet Earth to the center of the solar system, getting warmer midway into the journey – as one approaches the Sun – coming back to Earth on a deeper, cooler note at the end.

“Going for an album came as a natural progression, I feel like I’ve reached that sweet spot where my music has a storyline, revolving around a subject matter, which is hardly achievable through an EP format”.

Praise the sun out June 24th, 2022