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Oumou Sangaré unveils music video for Kamelemba

Fantastic choreography for the new Malian diva’s music video.

After her first single “Yere Faga” from the Mogoya album released via french record label No Format, Oumou Sangaré shares a beautiful music video directed by notorious photographer Chris Saunders. We can see dance crew Swaggers executing a surrealistic choreography inside a modern empty city. The director explains the project to Nowness:

“This is a layered visual ode, dedicated to redefining Afro-futurism in a stark European setting. It is a portrayal of modern beauty, fashion and dance set in a realistic futuristic environment.

“The video references traditionally masculine performance cultures, like the competition of the Congolese Sapeur, portrayed here by a group of women in a gender-free setting.

“The direction of the visuals is driven by Oumou’s lyrics, with a group of women who are robust and independent, resultant of generations of mistreatment within a very misogynistic reality. A paradigm can be seen in their attitudes, movements and the general visual style.”


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