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Listen to this great golden age Afrobeat mixtape

Inspired by his love for Poly-Rythmo’s music, João Branco Kyron from Hipnótica and Beautify Junkyards made for us a mixtape with his favorites from West Africa.

“My tastes in music are eclectic, many different genres. If I do DJ Set in some places, I love to mix Brazilian music with funk, but also to build bridges with african more tribal music, with touches of psychedelic and synth” music. Regarding African vibes I first discover Nigerian and congo music, and I dig deeper to discover the beginning of the synths : fever of Psychedelic /in 60 – 70’s in Europe / US.”

“I’m not an expert of African Music, but I love the Mix of the fusion .The 1 st time I Heard Poly Rythmo. It was on a compilation of David Byrnd from talking Heads with his luaka bop records . It was the opening of a West African music compilation with the track Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome. I immediately loves the approach. This Incredible rhythmic section really Jazzy with the tribal background which was rather different from classic afro beats rhythms. After this discover I started to buy all of their records.”

Listen to the Afro Groove (afrobeat, funk, highlife…) playlist on Spotify

“In this mixtape, i’s a lot of instincts when I mix it. I use to do a lot of improvisation (with all my projects), I tried to produce the fusion between tracks, not something prepare in advance, just looking for songs which can interplay together. It’s more a melt down of music from differents origins that ‘s have together a common flow.”

Live : catch Poly-Rythmo at Nuits Zebrées de Radio Nova, June 23rd in Paris

1) Mono Mono – Ema Kowa la ile wa
2) Boureima Disco et le Super Bonkaney – Bassi trey
3) The Elcados – Chokoi et Oreje
4) Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou – Se Ba Ho
5) Ebo Taylor – Nga Nga
6) Wali and the Afro Caravan – Hail the king
7) Mono Mono – Kenimania
8) The Hygrades – Rough Rider
9) Wallias Band – Musicawi sitt