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Sankara in song, a memoriam
Thomas Sankara © Thierry Secretan

Sankara in song, a memoriam

On October 11th, in Ouagadougou, the trial for the assasination of the man who baptised his country with the name Burkina Faso, opens. His name was Thomas Sankara, and his example, which continues to inspire new generations, has also inspired a number of songs.

MaliNahawa Doumbia  – “Thomas Sankara

The Malian diva, 20 years after Sankara took power, sang this song in his honor. One mustn’t forget the Faso president supported Nahawa Doumbi during her tour of Burkina, a strong symbol during a time of high tensions between the two nations.

Senegal, Burkina Faso: Awadi & Smockey – “Président Thomas Sankara”

A homage from Dakari rapper Awadi who founded Studio Sankara with Smockey, rapper and spokesperson for Balai Citoyen.

Senegal: Cheikh Lô – “Sankara”

Cheik Lo grew up next to Bobo Dioulasso, and began his musical career in Burkina Faso before moving to Senegal. That said, he never forgot the President of Faso.

Ivory Coast: Alpha Blondy – “Sankara”

The Ivorian reggae sensation revisits the end of Tom Sank’s life, assassinated by his “baramagho” (brothers).

France: JP Manova – “Sankara”

A musical introduction to what Sakara represented. An homage rapped with exceptional class and clarity.


Burkina Faso: Sams’K le Jah – “Sankara du Burkina”

Burkinabé reggae man and former “pioneer of the Révolution” also speaks up for Balai Citoyen.

Burkina Faso, Mali: Debademba – “Thomas Sankara”

Burkina Faso native and guitar virtuoso Adbulaye Traoré gives an instrumental homage to Sankara.

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