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Watch 'The Moment', Intimate Unplugged Moment with Kae Sun

The Ghanian-Canadian singer performs ‘The Moment’ in a short-video filmed in one shot from Montreal, CA apartment.

PAM teams up with Moonshine crew in an intimate video of songwriter and producer Kae Sun who’s performing “The Moment”, a song from his new album Whoever Comes Knocking coming out on March 2.

Speaking on his approaches of his new album Kae Sun said: “There are things I needed to express sonically and lyrically and I just let it out without the songs being overly determined. I mean it’s very much an evolution of my sound but you can probably hear it distinctively as MY sound. I embrace all my influences and then filter them through a particular set of sonic moods. Genre categories won’t really work as a description. I can say that it sits in this emotional range that I’ve been calling “never-ending dawn”. People keep telling me it’s melancholic but it’s also somewhat uplifting and I say well that’s how I feel almost every day, it’s very Gemini. It’s saturnine but it’s still feels really calming. It is very African. I think its pop and Afro in an abstract way. It requires close listening and I think we’ve achieved something very layered and potent with it.”

Kae Sun is the musical project of Kwaku Darko-Mensah Jnr, a Ghanian-Canadian singer with influences steeped in afrobeat, contemporary R&B, and indie folk. Kae’s break out came in 2013 with the release of his critically-acclaimed sophomore album Afriyie. It showcased his peerless, delicate vocal delivery atop rich rhythmic foundations and memorable melodies that take influence from different decades and a world of styles, shaping a new breed of African alternative pop music. From 2014 to 2016 Kae Sun co-conceptualized the acclaimed short movie and multimedia installation “Ocean’s Apart” which has been making rounds in the contemporary art circuit since it’s opening in 2015.

Listen to Kae Sun in our Pan African Music playlist on Spotify.

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