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UnPop Live brings restorative live performance to Khaya Lendaba Village

PAM presents an exclusive premiere of Unpop Live’s Village Frequency Edition, an immersive livestream inviting 5 acts to showcase their tonic, healing and meditative music in the Credo Mutwa cultural village. 

Developed by producer Kwelagobe ‘Kwela’ Sekele and film director Rapule ‘Raps’ Selogiloe, Unpop Live is a concept designed to showcase live performances of artists in unique spaces for a new generation of live streaming as part of the Music in Africa Live Digital Showcase Grant. Through this initiative, Unpop and Music in Africa look to expose African musical talent to a global music audience by showcasing the musicians and spaces that make them unique. 

The Village Frequency Edition takes place in Khaya Lendaba Village (also known as the Credo Mutwa Village) named after artist and designer Credo Mutwa. Mutwa combines traditional African folklore and techniques with modern ideas for a stunning and immersive architecture that feels timeless and new. 

The performance is kicked off with “Phakama” by LoveGlori, a sensuous maskandi soul, carried by the sweet duet of vocalists Zu. and Ato Song, guitarist Erick T. completing the trio. Next up Skroef & Spanner give a raw rundown with percussive instruments repeating chants, leaving space for drummer Gontse Makhene to show off his skills and bring in vocalist Kwela to spiritual MC. Amaza, reaches a meditative peak, Geoffe Diver effect heavy electric guitar complimenting the ringing of Qhawekazi Giyose’s water drum. The energy picks up with the jazz and brass of H3 + Dalisu Ndlazi, and ends on a high note with Tlale Makhene’s freewheeling instrumentation and vocal riffs. 

The whole experience is a “a symbolic heart to heart with the space it’s story and its resonance” with each group’s music “tonic, healing, reflective, and meditative” and it shows in each group’s passionate and sincere performance. The livestream is interspersed with creative shots of the space, multiple angles of the musicians expressive features, and with a slow and sentimental passage between acts. 

Watch Unpop Live’s Village Frequency Edition here