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B-Threy, scars and dreams in Kigali 


About the author

Photographer and filmmaker Michiel Robberecht lives in Kigali, Rwanda, after spending a number of years living and working between Brussels, Kinshasa and Addis Ababa, making films and using photography as his main means of expression.


Director: Michiel Robberecht
Photography, sound, editing: Michiel Robberecht
Executive Producers: Vladimir Cagnolari and Julien Kourbatoff
Executive Production : Michiel Robberecht / Aubin Muhire
Line / Creative Producer : Aubin Muhire
Coloration : Hazem Berrabah
Sound Mixing : Stéphane Huray
Post-production : Mehdy Kadded

Special Thanks
Kinyatrap Music
Native 1018
Ratio music entertainment
Green Ferry Music
Sty, Bushali, Timmy, Yee, Dizo Last, Eazy Cuts, Dr Nganji