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DJ Doowap’s Earbuds: a listen into a tastemaker’s top tracks

DJ Doowap introduces us to her favorite African hits and amapiano cuts bumping in her headphones straight off her Money Badoo, afro-amapiano experiment collab on “Déjà Vu”. 

The connection between DJ Doowap and Money Badoo seems evident. Both artists are profoundly multidisciplinary, exerting their artistry through very diverse mediums such as music, fashion, DJing and hairstyling. Women empowerment also seems to be at the centre of both artists, who share a taste for disrupting the norm and occupying spaces that femmes are usually banned from. The duo has announced their collaboration on their shared birthday, October 12th, and have been seen all over Johannesburg performing “Déjà Vu” at different occasions. 

This song speaks to the search for love, magnetic chemistry and bonds that surpass all space and time”, DJ Doowap says about the track. Money Badoo completes: “On this planet, it’s all about the feminine divine and feeling like the most powerful version of yourself! Everyone’s superpower is being authentic to who they are”. 

In Paris for a show a few months ago, DJ Doowap had spoken with us about amapiano, South African party culture and future projects. Jump into her earbuds above as she tells us about her favorite tracks. 

Doowap – Déjà Vu [Feat. Money Badoo] (Official Audio)