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dumama+kechou’s debut buffering juju is a menagerie of South African identity
dumama+kechou’s debut buffering juju is a menagerie of South African identity

On their debut release titled buffering juju, out now on the Mushroom Hour label, the nomadic folk duo of dumama+kechou offer up takes, re-takes, fixes, and sedimentary reduxes to the sound otherwise known as electronic music.

The rising producer Kilamanzego offers futuristic African takes on bass music
The rising producer Kilamanzego offers futuristic African takes on bass music

Born in the Bronx from Ghanaian parents, Kilamanzego comes to the forefront of the scene with These Roots Are on Fire, a promising and incredibly stimulating first EP. PAM spoke with the artist to better understand her […]

Listen to an exclusive mix from rising producer DJ Danifox
Listen to an exclusive mix from rising producer DJ Danifox

Partner in crime with the Príncipe Discos label, the young Lisboner Danifox continues to rise with a second EP in pure batida tradition. For the occasion, he offers us an exclusive mix and tells us […]

Extra Soul Perception, augmented reality music
Extra Soul Perception, augmented reality music

Get together eight artists from a number of different countries and backgrounds for a week in Nairobi to create an album and a documentary – this was the ambitious gamble made and won by the […]

PsychoYP and Abuja trap
PsychoYP and Abuja trap

The Nigerian rapper from Abuja built his success away from Lagos, boasting a trap style of his own, drawing on afrobeats as well as American slang and sound. Interview Is Atlanta still the first city […]

T’Neeya and the language of afrobeats
T’Neeya and the language of afrobeats

Born in Douala, based in Ghana T’Neeya is one of the rising stars of afrobeats. In French, Pidgin, English or German, the polyglot artist reaches audiences across borders. Interview. With West-African artists rising on huge […]

Poté, lonely emotions
Poté, lonely emotions

Poté, a Londoner born in Saint Lucia, releases a new EP where house flirts with nu-soul and African rhythms. PAM spoke with the young man who is discreet as he is talented. It’s been about […]

Arka’n : “Metal is African”
Arka’n : "Metal is African"

In Africa, metal has caught on and brought new bands to the foreground, offering an original take on the genre which blends with African heritage. In West Africa, the Togolese group Arka’n is one of […]

Citizen Boy, retrospective of a prosperous youth
Citizen Boy, retrospective of a prosperous youth

Gqom Oh! label dedicates its 11th release to young South African producer Citizen Boy with 13 tracks produced between 2013 and 2019. The Mafia Boyz’s cofounder answers our questions. Using the word “retrospective” for such […]

Gafacci, electronic storyteller
Gafacci, electronic storyteller

If the afrobeats phenomenon is spreading extensively in the West African music industry, some artists have chosen to offer something different. Gafacci, Ghanaian producer, is part of the package. His music, asokpor, is an explosive […]

Príncipe Discos: the highway to royalty
Príncipe Discos: the highway to royalty

Since its inception in 2011, Lisbon-based label Príncipe Discos has set out to conquer international dancefloors with an irresistible sound signature: the “batida”. Beats, emancipation, roots, pride and identity… We meet up with producers Marfox […]