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June 30th, 1960: when the independence of Congo was put to music

#CongoFreedom (introduction), a series by Vladimir Cagnolari

It was on June 30th, 1960 when the streets of Léopoldville – now known as Kinshasa – were singing the new independence cha-cha. Evidently, music had empowered the Congolese people throughout their tumultuous history. We take a trip back in time, via the emblematic sounds of the ’50s and ’60s. From the huge import of Afro-Cuban records at the time of the Congolese rumba, to the emergence of a social class who claimed their right to independence – “dipanda” – up until the assassination of Patrice Lumumba: we explore to the world of cha-chas that shaped Congolese independence. Running through June 30, PAM invites you to discover a new episode each weekly in our series dedicated to the Independence of present day DRC and the musical power of Rumba.

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