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Carnival around the world

Celebrate with the fervor and fever of Carnival goers around the world by looking into how cities and countries around the world sing, dance and dress to the local and universal aspects of the seasonal festivities in Cape Verde, Brazil and Trinidad.

Every year cities and towns all around the world erupt in celebration for the Carnival season. Originally a festive season pre-Lent in Western Christian societies, with the expansion of the religion and integration into local traditions and beliefs, Carnival has now become as colorful and diverse and the costumes and sounds that accompany the celebrations. From the iconic Brazilian Carnival, to the legendary parties in Trinidad and Cape Verde, PAM runs through some of the Carnivals that have made their mark on the world. Here we pass by the Trinidadian J’ouvert with it’s anarchy of paint and early morning revelry, the celebratory transgression of Brazil’s infamous iteration and the three days of fancy dress and costumes in Cape Verde’s São Vicente.