Shane Eagle and Nasty C in a parallel world for the ‘Paris’ video

The two artists, who are considered to be the top of South African rap, deliver a straightforward and unapologetic piece of rap.

The visual, shot in the Hangberg area of Cape Town, places the two rappers in a sci-fi world where local youths have supernatural powers. The director, Imraan Christian, is a well-known photographer and director in South Africa, making the representation of the “colored” South African population one of his main subjects.

In this traditionally mixed-race neighbourhood, the clip brings a fresh look at its often underprivileged inhabitants. Indeed, on a visual framework mixing baptism and self-discovery, “Paris” is above all a piece of victory, where Shane Eagle proclaims his revenge on life: “I flew my mama to Paris/She used to stay on the streets”. The inspiration also comes from Anime, these cartoon adaptations of manga: references to Dragon Ball and Avatar are numerous in the shots and colors used. The Japanese imagination is a recurring theme in Shane Eagle’s lyrics, as in his last project Dark Moon Flower project, released last October. Nasty C, for his part, is working on his next album Zulu Man With Some Powers, which will be released very soon.