New video: Ekiti Sound – Area 10K Boys Riddim

Date: December 5th, 2018
Director/Editor: Sam Campbell
Shot on location: Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Leke shares a new music video for his Ekiti Sound project.  The visuals were shot during the Spring 2012 fuel strikes that were the catalyst for the Occupy Nigeria Movement in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Area boys (also known as Agberos) are loosely organized gangs of street children and teenagers, composed mostly of males, who roam the streets of Lagos, Lagos State in Nigeria.

“The beauty of our protest was that even in the midst of 10,000 area boys, there was solidarity in the people crying out against the injustice of the new pricing schemes.”

In addition to these impromptu non-stop “rave demonstrations”, there were speeches, live performances, peaceful demonstrations and also a massive sense of the youth not being afraid to make themselves heard.

Ekiti Sound debut album will be out this spring 2019 via Crammed Discs.

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