Watch “Processhun” Music Video By Rising Senegalese Electro Artist Ibaaku

Ibaaku is back with a new Afro-Electro music video from his last album Alien Cartoon.

Producer Ibaaku is part of the new underground scene of West Africa. With Alien Cartoon, his first album released in 2016, the Senegalese dandy unveils an hypnotic afro-electro UFO that places him among the most avant-garde artists of West Africa buzzing scene.

Born in Dakar, native of Casamance real name Stephen Ibaaku Bassene, is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, author, composer and radio host. Trained from an early age on piano and clarinet, he grew up surrounded by father’s jazz records and books on American black culture from the family library.

Senegalese producer Ibaaku describes his music as “Afro-hypnotique experimental”. Originally composed as an accompanying soundtrack to Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane’s 2015 show, Alien Cartoon  is a masterpiece of Afrofuturism as it stands today:  modern, electronic and traditional. It’s an album that’s at the same time is inspired by breakbeats and Senegalese samples with distorted bass and electronic futuristic beats

Ibaaku returns with a new music video for single “Processhun”. This time Ibaaku lands  in Kinshasa. He meets Danniel Toya and his band of robots, together, they begin an hybrid procession mixing dances and cosmic rites.

In the making of the video we find Ben Richard, VJ sidekick Ibaaku for over a year. He managed to put in images the creativity and the universe of Ibaaku for this last extract of the album Alien Cartoon. The project materialized during the participation of Ibaaku in the event Kinshasa 2050 organized by the French Institute. After touring the European scenes, Ibaaku will be touring the African continent. A tour through nearly ten countries for almost two months. This tour is also educational by transferring skills related to the development of the electronic scene in Africa.

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