Pan African Music brings you the finest in African music of today and yesterday !

Our underlying purpose is to educate, inform and inspire in the discovery and re-discovery all of the musical treasures of the continent.

In addition to our core team, we teamed up with specialists sharing with you their knowledge and passion about african culture and the diaspora.

Each week, we will share:

– Features: background articles supported with an original playlist, focusing on topics about culture, history, society of the continent, punctuated with anecdotes and fascinating human experiences.

– Album review: A selection of albums, forgotten or even new, documenting and foretelling the stories of authentic and original albums and how they have influenced today’s popular music.

– Playlists by countries, genres and decades … A musical passport to bring you to the heart of this continent.

–  News : A  guide to all the latest music coming from Africa and the Diaspora.

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Pan African Music Team

Publication director : Julien Kourbatoff
Contributor : Mehdy Kadded

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